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Family Legacy Concepts

Family Legacy Concepts

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Helping Families Optimize Their Wealth and Impact

Scott Wells, CFP®, CKA®, is an independent financial advisor dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive financial planning strategies based on their individual needs. His integrity, intelligence, responsiveness, and decades of advising and teaching experience set him in a class of his own. He has maintained his certification with the CFP Board since 2001, strictly adhering to their code of ethics and standard conduct. The Certified Kingdom Advisor designation, which Scott has held since 2015, equips him to apply wisdom from the Bible in planning and investments. 

Scott seeks to guide clients through the process of establishing their financial, personal, and business goals. He helps them determine investments that may best match for both these objectives and their risk tolerance. He works side-by-side with the client’s CPA to achieve tax efficiency, often resulting in reduction of combined Federal, state, and local income tax and payroll tax rates. These can total over 50% of earned income.  

Scott equips clients and their CPA's with financial planning and investment monitoring tools. This includes daily account updates, which are paired with future projections, and a secure vault for client electronic documents. Additionally, his system provides you the facility for capturing your budget information. 

Scott works with clients mostly in South Carolina, and is licensed in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington. Contact him today to learn more about how he can help you and your family. 


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL                                                                                                  Certified Kingdom
PLANNER™                                                                                                                    Advisor™