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At Family Legacy Concepts, we typically do not encourage our clients to take on more debt. For many people, emotional and psychological contentment is best realized when all debts are paid off. If you reach a point to refinance existing debt for a quicker payoff, or if you need to gather liquid money for a timely purchase of an asset, FLC will help you with your debt management.

Many securities accounts can have “Margin” lending privileges. The Securities and Exchange Commission establishes the rules of engagement, including amount of borrowing that securities can support. Our Broker-Dealer, Cambridge Investment Research and the custodian of the securities, National Financial Services, establish the lending interest rate.

Retirement accounts are subject to many rules and restrictions, when it comes to borrowing from them. Certain 401(k) plans allow for limited borrowing by participants.

Special assets such as home, planes, and boats can involve direct loans from banks.

Consult your tax accountant or attorney to understand the tax deductibility treatment of interest paid in your borrowing scenario.

Use the Have A Question? section of the Contact page to specify your interest in Borrowing capabilities.