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Client Services

To have an advisor or administrative person at Family Legacy Concepts contact you, be sure to specify the nature of your service item in the submission box on the right. Be aware that your request for contact is not encrypted, so do not include any private personal information.

Each of the 3 client service systems included on this page require Setting Up. This may have been accomplished when you first opened your account. If you want to add a service system that is not active, use the Have A Question? section of the Contact page to initiate a request.

To view the current state of Your Financial Journey, click Finance Logix. You will be prompted for your ID and password. It shows you Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow numbers. More importantly, the system responds to your given assumptions to project your chances of accomplishing your future financial goals.

To view a performance report of your holdings at Family Legacy Concepts, click CIR Statements. You will be prompted for your ID and password, for this system that is maintained by Cambridge Investment Research. The first time you use CIR Statement, you must provide your Social Security Number, to match up with accounts held at Cambridge.

To access your brokerage account, custodied at National Financial Services (NFS), click MyStreetscape. You will be prompted for your ID and password, for this system maintained by NFS. This is how you review your brokerage accounts in real time, with market valuation just 20 minutes delayed. For clients with securities in a brokerage account, through Cambridge and National Financial Services, the client can accomplish Borrowing using those securities as collateral.

Another area of services is through Trust Service Providers. Whether the client wants to reduce death and gift taxes, and wants to control the disposition and use of their assets, a variety of trusts are available.

To receive a personalized quote of an insurance product, based on an insurance need, click Request an Insurance Product Quote. Our business standard is to get back to you within one business day. In some circumstances, for an advanced insurance coverage need, we could take a 2nd day to thoroughly shop the insurance marketplace.