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Consider your dreams and your life ambitions for your own accomplishments and your own comfort.  Then add to that your interest in improving your loved ones’ world and the world in general.   What concepts for “doing good” come to mind?  Are you helping family members and friends now?  What are your favorite missions that charitable groups pursue? Are there changes you want, to reach a different balance of short-term and long-term goals?

Are you affected by commercials and advertisements?  Do they generate desires for stuff or a feeling of emptiness?  How do you use money to feel financial peace or contentment, and to further your spiritual growth? 

These are the general uses of money – 3 for yourself, 1 for society, and 1 for specific others:

  1. Past Consumption – Debt Reduction
  2. Present Lifestyle – Current Expenses and Protection from contingencies
  3. Future Expenses – Savings & Investments
  4. Income and Inheritance taxes to the U.S. and to states, plus other taxes, including property, sales, and gas taxes
  5. To Family, Friends and / or Charity

What is the proportionate amount of how you use your money in these 5 areas? Enroll a Family Legacy Concepts rep-advisor along wth your accounting and legal adviosr(s) to plan  your next several years of tax payment obligations.

At Family Legacy Concepts we strive to help you manage your financial resources to align with your values and your life goals. Contact us through the Have A Question? section of the Contact page if you want a rep-advisor to help you quantify your current mix, and to pursue any desired changes.