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Client Centered

What was your childhood experience like?  How did you feel loved, cared for, and special? What are your most vivid memories?  What holidays did your family observe? Who was your hero and role model?

As a child in a small town in western Illinois, I was surrounded by a large family. The local Wells clan included my grandparents, my 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, and 6 first cousins.

Here is my family gathered for my 2nd Easter.

Client Centered

Who were the leaders of your nuclear and extended families?  What were their teaching techniques to convey the values they held dear?  What did the older generations’ retirement years look like? 

This picture of my brothers and sisters is with my Mom’s grandma. See how we enjoyed tanning in the summertime!  The matriarch of the family with pre-Civil War roots in eastern Illinois, my great-grandmother traveled well, taught our neighborhood of kids how to knit, and lived past the 100-year mark. 

Client Centered

What was it like for you to leave home?  Is there a story behind your going to college and your working your first full-time job?  How about your developing relationships with friends and, possibly, your lifetime partner? 

After leaving Illinois for a university education 1000 miles to the southeast, at Duke, I met my bride.  My artist older sister painted this from our wedding day. 

Your presence and reputation are defined by your actions, and by the people and groups you influence 


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